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Across the world, hiring agencies and employers use Leo for their agile recruitment needs. We have the tech to make it happen - all in one place.

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Agile Recruitment

We are the world's first recruitment technology that provides employers and staffing agencies with the power of agile recruiting.

Being built by recruiters, we understand that technology is the core of each and every strong recruitment, candidate, and hiring manager/client experience.

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Who is Leo for?


Our tech provides recruitment agencies with a seamless, easy-to-use process that ensures successful matches with the best talent available

Who is Leo for?


For those that provide job openings from within their company; Leo can guide you into effortless recruitment, with access to everything from automation to scheduling

What are we all about?

It's all in the tech

Candidate Management

Drag & drop CVs, interview feedback, email syncing and creating meetings that also sync to your external calendar

Job Management

An editable pipeline of active and awaiting job postings from clients where you can keep track of your progress

Client CRM

Nurture client partnerships through deal creation, customisable pipelines, contact lists, client onboarding and a client portal

Unbias Recruitment

If you search with our unbias feature, you will only be able to see the necessary info such as qualifications, experience, and contact details

Our one-click extension:


Our easy-install, web extension gives you the ability to extract all necessary data from candidates, client contacts, CVs & company profiles in seconds


Our add-on for interviews:

Video Interviewing

Our built-in video interviewing software gives you control of it all: questions, upload dates, and answer durations with each submission sent directly to your inbox


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It's not just about compatability, we are transformative, effective and efficient. Our ability to integrate with an array of popular services enables you to use Leo effortlessly with the apps you love