Recruitment software that helps you work and win

Meet Leo: the all-in-one ATS and recruitment CRM to manage your candidates, your teams and your clients, wherever they are.

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Recruitment software that helps you work and win

Let me tell you something, Antonio and his team have built something special, something that isn't cookie cutter, something that breaks the mould, in a good way! If you are in the market for a new ATS I strongly suggest checking this out!

Tom Spindlove

Recruitment Director


The only rec-tech you’ll ever need

Tired of juggling multiple tech tools? Leo is one centralised system for all of your recruitment technology needs.

The only rec-tech you’ll ever need

Connect the dots
between your candidates
and clients

Simplify the way you work and win business with a 360 recruitment system that candidates, recruiters and hiring managers love to use.

Complete recruitment control

Minimise the admin and keep on top of every one of your recruitment pipelines with Leo’s project management dashboard.

Attract, track and delight candidates

Don’t just drop talent into an ATS… delight them with content, automated application updates and a seamless experience.

Manage client relationships

Use Leo’s CRM to eradicate messy email threads, nurture relationships and keep track of your revenue.

Complete recruitment control

Turn your team into a
lean machine

No more laborious admin. No more data entry. No more piggy-in-the-middle. Leo’s suite of automations mean you can focus on the important stuff.

Get all the detail, with less of the effort

It’s never been easier to fill the gaps in your ATS – give Leo an email address or CV and it will automatically update your candidate’s name, location, industry, skills and work experience.

Escape the chase

Spend less time chasing candidates, hiring managers and colleagues, with self-scheduling interviews, feedback prompts and auto-generated reports.

Keep everyone in the loop

Information syncs automatically across the system so you, your team, your candidates and your clients can keep things moving.

Get all the detail, with less of the effort

Don’t let your system slow you down

Implement a collaborative ATS and CRM that helps you hire the right candidates at the right time.

Submit talent faster than your competitors

From creating jobs when client terms are signed to building personalised recruiter dashboards, Leo’s automations put your candidates at the front of the queue.

Transform leads into deals

Build a client pipeline in seconds, then drag and drop your leads through customisable stages.

Give clients a world-class experience

Control client access, seamlessly book candidates into client calendars and give your clients an experience like no other.

Submit talent faster than your competitors

Use data to improve
performance and win
new business

Get a real-time view of your business and talent pipelines with a customisable and beautiful analytics dashboard.

Level-up recruiter performance

Monitor team members, give credit where it’s due and tackle bottlenecks head on.

Prove performance to clients

With automated candidate engagement reports and data visualisations, it’s never been easier to show clients your value.

Synchronise your process and progress

Receive real-time updates on KPI achievement and keep track of the revenue your team is generating.

Level-up recruiter performance
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