3 Big Changes In Jobseeker Mentalities


3 Big Changes In Jobseeker Mentalities

People change, career goals change, priorities change…

How is this affecting recruitment you ask?

To help consultants understand the shift in today’s  employment aspirations and identify new ways of matching candidates to suitable roles, we’ve written an article for you, summarising the 3 biggest changes in jobseeker mentalities.

As a reading suggestion, you’ll begin to see how each point drips into the other, so read them in order!

To kick us off, we’ll start with one you may be reluctant to hear…

1. Going Back To Education

People finally feel empowered to follow their true aspirations. We’ve all heard of someone quitting their secure, but mundane day job to start up their own business and live their passions. More often than not however, employers are returning to education. 

We no longer have to stay in one lane for our entire lives, if we find a new interest and are fortunate enough to have financial security, then there really is no reason to find a new career - and people are realising this! 

Moving us swiftly onto part two...

2. Switching Lanes

Indeed’s latest survey concluded that 58% of people would take a pay cut if it meant that they could choose a new career. Second to moving due job dissatisfaction, was wanting a higher wage and greater flexibility.

Perhaps it’s a good time to focus on liaising with clients that offer such benefits.

In the same survey, 49% of people answered yes to dramatically shifting career gears at an average age of 39. Many jumped from marketing to engineering, and from teaching to finance.

3. Job Market Bingo

And finally, a change in jobs, ultimately means a change in the job market. Here, we will talk about what clients will be sorting after your expertise! 

Be it a new career or re-entering the workforce, people are after employers who offer ‘non traditional benefits’, such as: paid parental leave, flex time and remote working.

Keep up with the times if you want to keep up with your targets!

That concludes this week’s blog on 3 Big Changes In Jobseeker Mentalities, serving to unpick the anomalies and patterns that the recruitment industries foresee in 2020 and beyond!

Thank you for reading.

The Leo Team