7 Crucial Ways to Build a Successful LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters


7 Crucial Ways to Build a  Successful LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters

If your job is to scrutinise and selectively pick out candidates from what they have displayed on their LinkedIn profile, be sure that yours is up to scratch first… As a recruiter, your LinkedIn is your portfolio, nay, your canvas. Showcasing your previous successes and displaying your brand as you wish to be perceived is up there on your many tasks! If you don’t feel you’ve nailed it just yet or you’re new to the industry, we’ve listed 7 Crucial Ways to Build a Successful LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters. With GIFs, examples and statistics, we hope we can help you!

1. Choose the right picture for your LinkedIn profile

Say cheese! You should try to aim for either a professional, ‘suit and tie’ headshot or a middle ground between formal, yet personal; ‘smart-casual’. You want your candidates or clients to have confidence in your professionalism as a recruiter.

2. Write a descriptive and verging of ‘clickbait’ headline

Here’s some examples… Simple and concise: “Agency Owner / Business Leader / Digital Marketing Pioneer” Tactical: Co-Founder of BAMF Media - We’re Hiring! Keynote Speaker | Forbes 12 Founders Fun & Clear: LinkedIN Profile Power | PAL Network | Founder at PolicyPal 🚀

3. Spice up your LinkedIn summary and make the reader want to know more!

LinkedIn summaries should showcase your personality as well as your aspirations and achievements! Be creative and tell a story, but not a novel...

4. Post and re-share content relevant to your industry or network

You want the ‘right’ people to be looking at your profile, but you won’t receive a lot of interest if your output is niche to you or irrelevant to them! If you’re an industry specific recruiter, then re-distribute current news topics that could start a conversation.

5. Show potential clients and candidates what you’re made of

Igniyte notes that 93% of customers admit that online reviews influence their decisions. Ask any successful relationships that you have created from work If you have had any successful relationships with previous clients or candidates, ask if they would be happy to leave a positive review about their experiences with yourself. Use an auto-mated design platform and type it into an eye-catching testimonial for your LinkedIn or website profile!

6. Make your messages unique to the person

Even using their first name within the introduction makes them feel special; it shows that you want to talk to them specifically. Further background research will give you more scope to start an engaging conversation!

7. Cross-post your other social and professional platforms

Maximise your reach through sharing links to your website, portfolio and socials onto each of the platforms. It’s frustrating when you want to know more about a recruiter, but they only show you ‘what’s on the tin.’