The Metaverse just got a little bit bigger!


The Metaverse just got a little bit bigger!

Leo plans to take the next steps in revolutionising the Recruitment Industry by entering the metaverse.

Leo has announced their new venture into the metaverse with MetaRecruit. MetaRecruit is the next step in upgrading the hiring process by creating various useful elements within the metaverse and offers a new way for businesses and candidates to explore recruitment with the latest technology.

“We believe that as the world of work becomes more and more remote and organisations hire talent across the world, the MetaVerse will connect talent and employers in more meaningful ways,” says Antonio Giugno, Co-Founder of Leo, “that’s why we are investing in the MetaVerse as part of our innovation strategy”

Features and benefits of MetaRecruit include communities for job postings as well as conference centres and interview rooms for everything that businesses could need. So businesses can demonstrate their capabilities over VR and even conduct interviews from the comfort of their home.

MetaRecruit is currently under production and development. For more information stay tuned to Leo’s socials where there will be regularly scheduled updates. 

About Leo: Our mission is to create a future where only a singular, all encompassing utility is needed for recruiters to succeed. Leo is the agile recruitment software that has it all in one place, including CRM and ATS systems that use sprints, prioritisation of tickets, and periodic feedback.