How To Activate Your Employer Brand On Social Media


How To Activate Your Employer Brand On Social Media

Skilled workers now have ultimate choice over where and why they choose to work, and the rise of social media as mass communication tool means they have new career and job opportunities presented and tailored to their online feeds personally, every single day. Today’s skilled workers have the power, and the will, to constantly be consuming the possibility of upgrading their existing position.

When people talk about EVP (Employer Value Proposition), they’re usually talking about strategy. Yet strategy will not inspire engaged employees, or attract new people – only its execution will.

Gone are the days when EVP activation only happened inside a company; today, effective EVP activation must take place in the internal and external spheres simultaneously.

Many big companies, from Google to Unilever to Apple, are even moving to continuously activate their EVP online, using social channels that showcase their culture, their team, and the exciting things that make them different.

Unsurprisingly, their talent pipelines are always full, and their retention rates among the best worldwide.

Here are three steps you can take to replicate their success, activate your EVP, and transform your strategy into a living and breathing entity online:

1. Involve All Levels of your Organisation

Too often, EVP implementation comes from the senior end of a business, from people who have never actually worked in the positions they are creating value propositions for.

By utilising all levels of the organisation you will be able to create an authentic EVP, as well as inspire EVP advocates who will execute lots of the hard work that goes into generating mainstream employee buy-in.

2. Follow the 20/80 Rule

Think about it: your employees are spending more and more time with their eyes on their social channels, both in work and out of work. So 20% of your activation activity should be internal, and 80% online.

Given the breadth and scale of social media, you are much more likely to reach and inspire engagement from your existing employees when you’re posting content around your EVP on social networks. It’s obviously no secret that an active social presence will also create engagement from potential employees – your job is to ensure that the content fits the platforms on which it is published.

Do this, and your talent attraction funnel will scale dramatically.

3. Activate and Learn

An EVP is only as valuable as the activities that surround it. Too many times does an organisation work tirelessly to create and define an inspiring value proposition, only for it to end up being left behind due to the demands and stresses of business operations. Activating your EVP means putting resources behind internal and external events, campaigns across social media, and other avenues that create noise and draw attention.

Remember that once an activation starts, it is crucial for HR teams to measure and learn from its results. This gives insights into how employees and potential employees will react to your value proposition – and whether your strategy needs to change. After all, continuous development has always been the key to being the most desirable employer to work for.

We humans are always looking to be proud of where we work and to associate ourselves with something more than just a “job”. If you’d like to learn more about the power of social media and continuous employer brand activation, comment below and I’ll endeavour to assist.