Here’s Leo’s August Round-Up!


Here’s Leo’s August Round-Up!

Here at Leo, we have had a pretty exciting month. August has treated us well and we have seen some big features arise from Leo that we cannot wait to share with you all.

To kick us off, we have listed what August has looked like for the Recruitment industry as a whole.

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August: Industry Trends and Impacts
Alarming: How COVID19 Has Exacerbated Diversity Issues In the Workplace

Diversity in workplaces has always needed improving. Recent data shows that 11% of executive directors in FTSE100 companies are women and 2% of executive directors in the top 150 FTSE were from BAME backgrounds. 

The GR, a voice for the global staffing industry, has focused this month on how the pandemic has exacerbated the lack of diversity within workplaces.

  • Lower Paid and manual jobs have seen large layoffs, as opposed to those who work in offices and can instead work remotely. 

  • Frontline NHS staff are more likely to be women, BAME, or both. Because of their job, they are also more likely to catch COVID-19 and become incapacitated.

  • The burden of 24/7 childcare was recorded to fall primarily on women. Mothers quit or lost their jobs to look after their children, as opposed to fathers. Mothers who do work, now spend third fewer hours at their job than do fathers and within those hours, they are heavily distracted.

A shift in Demand

The ratio of applicants is steadily becoming uneven. According to Search Consultancy, some roles had an increase of applicants applying by 1363% between March and July, alone.

Search compared the demand for certain positions pre-lockdown to the demand in July or March 2020 and saw a 1300% increase in some cases.

So, where are candidates shifting towards?

Search Consultancy, for example, we are looking into their candidate's profiles and transferring skills in hospitality over into healthcare roles instead. 

It makes sense. 

The pandemic reduced the need for hospitality staff, whereas hospitals and care facilities were in desperate need of an extra pair of hands!

Leo Updates and New Features

Leo latest and potentially greatest product that the developers have been sweating over the past couple of weeks to create TEMP+!

Temp + will widen a recruiter's selection to a whole new and modernised talent pool of candidates looking for temporary work. 

It looks like a calendar, essentially. Candidates can add in when they are free, until what time, and if this will be a repeat occurrence.

Recruiters can then view all of this on their calendars and target accordingly!


Netflix/Disney + Prizes

It’s summertime and what does that mean for most of us? That we’re working (probably at home still), expect the kids are on their school holidays! (Probably at home as well.)

Being the thoughtful company that we are, Leo announced that they are treating anyone who buys a licence for our services to a free Disney+ or Netflix account.

This offer is still active! Distract the kids and get the work completed with Leo.


New Hot Lists On Leo

We created Live Hot Lists for recruiters who are looking to find a candidate within specialised profession for their clients!

Here’s a bit on how it works:

  • Enter into your online talent-pool and then narrow down your search using filters.

  • You can choose from job specification, location, and contracts.

  • Once you have all of the candidates that meet the requirements, you can create a Segment file with them all in.

  • This becomes your Live Hot List.

You can access this list whenever you need to in the future, you can send them all the same email at once and it automatically adds any new, relevant job seekers to the pile!

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