Bad Handovers Welcome!


Bad Handovers Welcome!

The sun’s disappeared for the year now, so let me paint you a picture of summers past.

We all know the drill. A colleague comes to you all excited. Their partner has surprised them with a Madrid get away. They ask you to cover their pipeline; vendors or clients; stakeholders; any and all recruitment areas until they come home.

You agree (because you’re nice like that 😉) and the only caveat before they go swanning off for tapas is you ask for a comprehensive handover. Done!

The day comes. You go to your inbox and behold: the industry’s worst handover. It’s missing key elements about a client you supply talent to or a vendor supplying you talent.

And so the trawling for information begins – either through reams of emails or worse – actually demonstrating the lack of communication by asking the third party questions.

But now you can do-away with these issues. We’ve released client and vendor notes, yo!!!!

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1. Collaborative notes with clients ☝️

If you work at an agency it can be difficult to ensure your clients are keeping up to date with candidates. But now you can keep their attention fixed – comment on candidate notes together and get ready for first-class collaboration.

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2. Collaborative notes with agencies ✌️

Vis-a-vis, if you’re an internal recruiter, you’re probably bored of the messy email chains and out-of-the-blue calls you share with your agency partners. You can easily stay in the loop without leaving Leo and collaborate on each candidate’s application, without the hassle.

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3. Target your contact 👋

No matter who you want to collaborate with on the platform, simply tag them in a note and not only will they receive the internal notification, they’ll also get an email straight to their inbox. Missing a trick? Never!

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Are you taking note? 📝 Get in touch with any changes you’d like to see next time!