Be a Candidate Shepherd, Not a Baa-Humbug Sheep


Be a Candidate Shepherd, Not a Baa-Humbug Sheep

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At this time of year, I always think back to my childhood and try to remember the excitement of Christmas as a kid.

I recall being one of the three shepherds in my junior school nativity play. Our costumes were definitely one of my highlights: chequered tea towels with elastic bands around our heads – pure 90s chic!

My teacher explained that the role of a shepherd was to accompany my two fellow shepherds, to explain that we had seen angels in the night sky above Bethlehem and to go to help praise the birth of the baby Jesus.

We nailed it.

The reason we were able to get it right is we had (well, astonishingly developed acting skills for our age, but also) a clear instruction and detailed overview of what we needed to do.

So kiddies, this Christmas I ask you to remember that creating a seamless recruitment experience requires that very same clarity in your pipeline view.

Last week we completely overhauled our applicant tracking functionality to revolutionise how recruiters navigate and move candidates through their recruitment workflows.

Check this out if you want to be a candidate shepherd, not a boring recruitment sheep…

1. Candidate Cards

Refine your view of each candidate with a compact overview card that includes their name, status, last action, their engagement indicator and a button to quickly submit them to your client or hiring manager.

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2. Drag & Drop Stages

What could be easier? You can now drag and drop through each of your recruitment stages and transfer individuals into specific statuses in one fluid drop. Move candidates around your boards with ease and get a visual of every candidate at every stage.

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3. Scrollable Pipeline

With these new features comes the ability to see everything in your pipeline, scroll through each individual piece of information, and the best part? No. More. Clicking. Say goodbye to the nightmarish-navigation of click-throughs and automatically discover the info traditionally hidden behind clicks.

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Ready to shepherd your candidates into the next generation of recruitment?

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I hope you enjoy the build up to Christmas as much as me – as our gift to you, if you get in touch with the changes you want to see on Leo, we’ll make it happen.