Camera Operator job description

Camera Operator responsibilities include:

Working with directors to determine all aspects of shots
Providing practical and creative input to scene planning
Selecting, assembling and positioning equipment (cameras, stands, software etc.)

Job brief

We are looking for a competent Camera Operator to capture high quality and attractive images for film or TV broadcasting. You’ll be an integral part of our mission to spread information and striking visuals to the world.

A camera operator has a steady hand and quick reflexes. We want you to be comfortable around expensive and delicate equipment as well as able to concentrate and attend to detail. If you’re passionate about the job and can think of ways to add creativity to your work, we’d like to meet you. Responsibilities

Work with directors to determine all aspects of shots
Provide practical and creative input to scene planning
Select, assemble and position equipment (cameras, stands, software etc.)
Prepare cameras and test angles or camera movements
Shoot scenes according to requirements
Capture quality footage from a fixed or moving position
Collaborate with make up artists, lighting and sound staff to produce the best final effect
Resolve technical or practical issues
Edit footage as needed


Proven experience as camera operator
Experience operating relevant equipment (cameras, cranes etc.)
Excellent theoretical knowledge of filming and capturing footage
Ability to understand and follow camera scripts
Excellent communication skills
Ability to think and act quickly
A team player
Attention to detail
Physical strength to carry heavy equipment and stamina
Excellent color vision and hearing
High school diploma; degree in film, media or relevant field is a plus