Celebrate Valentine’s with Leo’s Brand New CRM 😍


Celebrate Valentine’s with Leo’s Brand New CRM 😍

Since February is the month of love, it’s only fitting we share the love with you. This time, in the form of a brand new CRM launch on Leo!

Create and Manage Pipelines ↔️

Agency recruiters can create, develop and manage recruitment and sales pipelines, while also keeping track of revenue thanks to the forecasts feature. In Leo’s new CRM, pipelines are smooth and calm but powerful – like a beluga whale.

Create and Manage Pipelines

Make and Store All Deals 📌

Create and store all of your client deals on Leo, keeping everyone updated with new developments. Once a deal is in place, you can convert it into a job requisition and get your whole team on board. It’s go-time!

Make and Store All Deals

Add and Update Contacts 👥

Create and manage your client contacts, update their information with ease and add the aligning contacts to your deals. More communication, less setbacks and a happier client/agency relationship. What’s not to ❤️

Add and Update Contacts

The CRM is just another reason we’re giving users to love Leo!