Hiring Candidates Is Like Raising Children 👶


Hiring Candidates Is Like Raising Children 👶

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An old African proverb comes to mind when we are working on a client’s requirement: it takes a village to raise a child. That’s because there are multiple teams involved in successfully taking a candidate from sourcing to fully onboarded.

But unlike an African village, these teams can be dotted around different offices, cities and – in our case – continents.

My mantra is that a candidate need only have one point of contact, but still other teams require information and hand-overs to internal teams or clients happen. How do we mitigate the candidate from going through certain processes all over again?

The solution is team and client collaboration on candidates, so say goodbye to sifting through emails and frustrated candidates 👋 and hello to centralised information and smooth client and candidate experiences.

1. Collaborate on candidates 📢

Stay in-the-know with straight-forward collaboration: speak directly to your colleagues when addressing individual candidates to better coordinate your team, keep on track with every candidate and boost recruitment performance.

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2. Target who you want to speak to 👉

Time is precious, so tag the only person or people in your team who you need to contact and receive relevant responses. You can speak to your entire crew, the people on the job, one singular person or even the whole company – we’ve covered whoever and whatever you need.

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3. Tagged email notifications ⚠️

Automatically receive and distribute instant notifications via email to the people you mention in your notes. So, even if someone isn’t logged into their portal, the email ensures a response can be immediately actioned.

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Start mentioning your team today and coordinate your hiring all in one place!

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