Leo 101: Using Alaska Video Messaging to Stand Out


Leo 101: Using Alaska Video Messaging to Stand Out

Join the 21st Century with Leo’s latest update. Meet the brand new, hot off the shelves, Alaska Video Messaging tool!

After many, many hours spent by the Development team at Leo, and some coding catastrophes, they are finally ready to unleash the  

With one-click, Alaska automatically imports a candidate's LinkedIn information into your Applicant Tracking System.

Here’s all the incredible Feature that on Alaska at the moment Summary

  1. Add candidates to specific jobs

  2. One-click functionality

  3. Chrome web extension

  4. Integrates into your Leo recruitment CRM and ATS

(Plus, the NEW! Direct video messaging)

A quick breakdown of what Alaska does already, for those who haven’t caught on yet...

Alaska Breakdown

Extend your reach with Alaska

Found an interesting profile on LinkedIn? With one click, Alaska imports all of their data into your Leo database. Tada.

Reclaim 30% of your working week

See a huge reduction in data entry admin after Alaska automatically populates your system with up-to-date information and instantly adds them to your Job’s section.

Never miss a detail

We will extract LinkedIn data for candidates, client contacts, and company profiles in minutes. Alaska identifies a candidate's LinkedIn Endorsements/Skills, adding them to your Leo database.

Put your process in the fast lane

Key players will ensure their LinkedIn is up-to-date with all the information a hiring manager will need. Instead of waiting for a resume, you can start assessing instantly with Alaska.

Now, here’s Alaska with the all singing, all dancing new feature...

Navigating Alaska’s Video Feature

  1. Search for a candidate, client or companies LinkedIn profile

  2. Click on Alaska's Chrome extension

  3. Hit record and begin your video message

  4. Add an accompanying written message if you wish

  5. Hit send!

  6. As an extra treat, you can copy the link to share across multiple profiles and platforms!

Make online introductions as human as in-person 

Whether you're introducing yourself, explaining a job role or explaining a task, Alaska’s video feature creates human connections and offers a true insight into your company.  

Personalised digital business card attached to each video

Once the recipient receives your video, your business card will appear on the right hand side with all of your contact information. Instant connections; minimal miscommunication.

This video will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2... 

ONE of the favourable features is Alaska's ‘no-downloads' policy. Videos will last 7-days before self-destructing, protecting you and your company's information.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Alaska, just get in touch with us via https://www.hirewithleo.com/contact and one of our Leonites will be happy to support you!