Let Candidates Control Their Recruitment Experiences 😎


Let Candidates Control Their Recruitment Experiences 😎

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When working at Accenture, I lead an initiative to create a 'candidate experience' training with a focus of standardising the steps that recruiters would take to provide amazing candidate experiences.

The end goal: “to create promoters out of every candidate that we interact with”.

We had to look at internal and market data (including a net-promoter analysis) around what the expectations of candidates were when they entered a recruitment process to being hired.

The top three things that candidates wanted were:

1. A single point of contact

2. A clear process

3. A knowledgable recruiter

When we dive into the three points above and in to what they really mean, you’ll find that what candidates really want is; 'control'.

They want to be able to have the feeling that their destiny is in their hands.

Well, now it is!

We have just released a revolutionary update in interview scheduling.

Candidates can now schedule their own interviews!

Self service tool

Recruiters can now send candidates a link to select a time that suits them to interview. Giving candidates the freedom of choice.

Self service tool

Only free slots are displayed (no matter how many interviewers)

No matter how many interviewers you add, our algorithm will only show to the candidate the free slots between all parties, so no more 'back and forth', no more double booking and no more hours waiting.

Free slots

Automatic invites sent to all parties when the candidate selects and confirms

When a candidate selects and confirms their slot, all parties are sent automatic invites and diaries are blocked out.

Automatic invites-2

That's it, now scheduling can be put to the back of your mind and your candidates can further control their recruitment process.

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