Let's play: Recruitment Dinosaur Bingo 🦖


Let's play: Recruitment Dinosaur Bingo 🦖

Let us introduce: the Recruitment Dinosaur.

Recruitment Dinosaur Illustration

Chances are you’ve probably already met him. And chances are he wouldn’t remember meeting you.

You know the one. He tricks candidates into applying for jobs they wouldn’t enjoy. Dials up old colleagues on a landline. Brags about his watch, or car, or shoes. Walks into the office like he owns the place, only to ignore calls, CVs and applications. The guy whose bias is not unconscious at all: it’s discrimination.

You’d hope that by 2019 these recruiters would be extinct. But he’s very much alive – as feisty as a dinosaur and as outdated as one, too.

But fear not, young one. Next time you’re in the office and you hear the roar of a recruiter who belongs in the jurassic period, you can turn your pain into this fun-to-play game.

Next time Recruitment Dinosaur stalks into your office, have your bingo card at the ready.

Just mark off the preposterous scenarios as he plays them out in real-time. When you cross off a whole line – either vertically, horizontally or diagonally – shout “bingo” and battle that bigot’s behaviour.

Recruitd Leo-Recruitment-Dinosaur-blog Bingo V0.2

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