National Workaholics Day: Leo users NEVER celebrate this day and here’s why


National Workaholics Day: Leo users NEVER celebrate this day and here’s why

Following on from Thanksgiving yesterday, the Americans then created National Workaholics Day.

Once the pilgrims settled in New England, they believed that hard work must be implemented in order to create the society that prospers.

However, in the 1960’s the phrase #workaholic was coined, a combination of the word #work and #alcohol, since it was an addictive element in many employees' lives.

No, this is not a celebration of working like a dog.

The unofficial holiday raises awareness about the fact that all work and no play can be harmful to the mental and physical health of workers. 

Leo users, however, may never experience workaholism and here’s why…

Get back control of your day

1. Complete recruitment control

With complete recruitment control over how you want to run client projects, you’ll soon see a change in yours and your team’s workflow. Through Leo project management dashboard, recruiters and hiring managers can edit, add and delete all activities in their pipelines.

2. Personalise your pipeline

Leading us nicely onto ‘personalised pipelines’. In seconds, recruiter’s will have fully functioning pipelines using our drag and drop customisable stages. No more manual data entry, just click the candidate that you want onto the interview stage and hey presto, you’re off to your next task.

3. Manage talent suppliers

Manage all of your agencies from one integrated platform that automatically keeps track of their performance and your spending. Instead of calculating your bi-weekly reports yourself, Leo automatically keeps track of your progress!

Automation Station

  1. Get all the detail, with less of the effort

With Leo’s comprehensive ATS technology, it’s never been easier to fill the gaps. Upload or drag a candidate's profile and/or CV so that Leo can automatically create a profile including the name, location, skills, industry and work experience.

2. Escape the chase

With self-scheduling interviews, feedback prompts and candidate engagement reports, you will no longer need to chase candidates, suppliers, hiring managers or colleagues.

3. Keep everyone in the loop

Automated data syncing across the system, so you spend less time adding information and more time hiring.

No more tap, tap, tapping away

  1. Synchronise your process and progress

Keeping up with KPIs for client reports is time-consuming and honestly, not the most exciting part of the job. So, don’t do it!

With Leo, receive real-time updates on KPI achievement and keep track of the ROI your team is generating. Then, we’ll generate automated reports and data visualisations for you to present as and when you need to.