Recruitment Budgeting Can Kiss My ATS!


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Budget approvals 💀 am I right? 🤷

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there – battling leadership over pennies to go towards something your team wants. But it’s even more frustrating when it’s something your team needs.

An ATS is the surefire way to help your company achieve their goals: be they lower hiring costs, improving candidate experience or gaining a shorter time-to-hire.

So how can you put all of that future profit into a coherent budget plan to present to the big bosses and gain their favour?

Here’s my advice for winning the ATS budget meeting:

1. Start the conversation 🙋

You don’t want to startle leadership with a well-planned budget meeting out of the blue, all guns a-blazing, so start with simply mentioning it’s a conversation they can look forward to having with you soon. Tell them a few of the benefits for the company – as opposed to why your team MUST have it – and ask to book in some time in the near future to discuss.

2. Examine your current spending 📊

Discover the data on what you’re currently spending in your hiring teams, both in money AND time, and define the areas that an ATS would improve it. Even the compilation of the data itself is worth a mention – a good ATS will do the hard analytical work for you!


3. Present the new-found data 🎁

Not to sound fickle but: make it pretty! 💄 Convert your data-driven report or presentation into a coherent, creative and easy-on-the-eyes element of the meeting to woo your leaders. Taking the time to do it properly shows them how much you require the ATS.

4. Go get that ATS! 💃

Keep the judges on your side at every turn by explaining how an ATS will have a positive impact on their organisation: explain that better candidate experience means a better reputation; tell them how your team will use the time they’re currently wasting on admin; show that the investment now improves their budget in the future.

Candidate Engagement

And that’s it! Begin the conversation on how it’s better for the company – not just better for you – and you’ll have your shiny new ATS in no time.

Not sure where to start with choosing an ATS? Get in touch or try Leo.