September round-up: What’s hot and what's not


September round-up: What’s hot and what's not

Hello everyone! 

We hope September has treated you well! We rounded up key recruitment and Leo news from the month just passed, in case you missed anything!

In this month’s newsletter, we’ll be covering:

  1. New Government Measures Affect National Businesses

  2. Recruitment Specific Trends

  3. October Warnings

  4. Leo Updates

Let’s get stuck in!

New Government Measures Affect National Businesses 


In a bid to reduce the number of infected people in the UK, Boris Johnson re-introduced strict lockdown measures following a surge of cases in the UK in September. 

From September 24th, the following actions were rolled out:

  • Pubs, restaurants and bars must close their doors at 10pm

  • Table service only

  • No entering takeaways past 10pm

  • Masks are mandatory for retail, hospitality and transport workers

  • Reopening sports venues are “paused”

  • If you can work from home, you must

  • Essential travel only

Companies, nationally, have reacted in different ways; here’s how:

  • Banks such as @lloyds, @barclays and @french bank societe generale are advising staff who have just returned to the office to continue working from home.

  • Leaders in the hospitality and drinks industry fear that cutting core training hours will lead to the permanent closure of many venues.

  • But not to fear, @WEPA Group have reassured us that they are boosting toilet roll manufacturing after a 23% spike in consumer sales.

Recruitment Specific Trends


Last week the chancellor announced a new Job Support Scheme (JSS) that could spare unemployment for many workers in the UK.

However, the Labour Party is concerned that the scheme fails to include many sectors, such as hospitality, entertainment and events.

The details are as follows:

  • It will last 6 months, starting November 1st 2020

  • Ensures employees will get paid 77% of their wages

  • Staff will be expected to work ⅓ of their rota. 

It has been calculated by the Labour Party that one million jobs are at risk of termination because they don’t reach the quota laid out by Rishi Sunak.

Sectors that are overlooked in the JSS:

  • Events and Conferences – 171,000

  • Weddings – 500,000

  • Nightlife – 70,000

  • Sports – 369,000

  • Creative Arts and Entertainment – 90,000

What might this mean for recruitment? Well, iif mass unemployment does occur, then the need for a recruiter will increase as people begin to look for new jobs.

Recruiters might even need to hire more recruiters to help recruit so many people!

October Warnings


Recruitment UK news recently wrote, “The UK is possibly facing its biggest ever mental health crisis since WWII this Winter”.

On September 22nd, the government asked millions of employees who had recently returned to the office, to revert back to working at home. This, combined with the ‘seasonal depression’ and further uncertainty has caused a big spike in people struggling with mental health.

A survey, conducted by the Office of National Statistics, has recently come back with the following data on how people are feeling about their situation during this pandemic:

  • 69% are experiencing negative repercussions

  • 63% are worrying about the future

  • 56% are feeling stressed or anxious

  • 49% are bored

In an effort to reduce this percentage, we must look after ourselves and be there for our loved ones who are struggling as well.

There are many things we can do to help. Take Leo for example:

On October the 17th, we will be hosting a charity pub quiz! 

Teams of 5 or less will have the chance to win £500, £250 or £100 in exchange for a £10 sign up fee that we will be donating to Mind!

Sign up, switch on and do something great today! 

Leo Updates


It’s our favourite part of the blog: Leo Updates! 

Yet again, our developers have been working on so many incredible features to make recruitment so much easier!

Here’s a few to get you excited…

  • A brand new candidate collaboration feature 

  • Seamless editing on a candidate's experience section

  • Conduct a detailed Boolean search on every document in your database.

Our CEO’s favourite feature this month and the one that takes the crown is...

The ability to drag and drop multiple documents anywhere on a candidate’s record so that it automatically uploads into their document. Saving time is what we do best!

Book a demo today to find out more!