The 3 Most Inspirational Design Trends of 2019


The 3 Most Inspirational Design Trends of 2019

Design helps us understand our world, and trends place us in time. The overarching design trend for 2019? Just like in every other part of life, we seem to be in opposition with ourselves: this year is all about contradictions. Design trends from conflicting eras and opposing ends of the visual spectrum are all vying for attention.

Whether you’re a designer or just somebody working in close quarters with one, your work will benefit by you staying on top of the latest graphic design trends. No matter the medium in which you work, understanding how styles are changing and evolving keeps your work fresh and helps you resonate with end users and audiences. These are my top picks for this year – I hope they will provide you with the inspiration to start selecting the themes that will define your own style this year.

1. Organic Design

How many times have we thought, standing in front of an astonishing landscape or seeing the sun coloring the sky with red lights, that nature alone can create perfection? This is the true inspiration of organic design: nature and its perfectly crafted shapes.

Unique, integrated and flexible, organic design will create seamless and harmonic patterns that will dance to the rhythm you desire.

Project: Organic Shapes | Author: Vladimir Gruev Project: National Geographic | Author: Mark Maynard Project: Look | Author: Powel Kontek

Organic Collage

2. Minimal Design

Decluttering isn’t just a good practice for tidying up your wardrobe, but also for delivering effective design.

Less is more, and more, and more. In a world that is increasingly bombarding us with information, keeping your design clear and simple is always a good idea for those wishing to communicate effectively.

When the page is clean, everything is in its place and there is no confusion – even our minds begin to feel more peaceful, more eager to concentrate. Just like walking into a neat and tidy study room.

Project: SkateBoard Decks | Author: Mark Maynard Project: Back to Basics — Part 1 | Author: Luke Schade Project: Look | Author: Alberto Conti

Minimal Collage

3. Realistic and Flat Mix Design

Reality is often more surprising and exciting than its representations. That’s why a mix of realistic images and good old flat design is a classic-to-be of 2019. Sometimes the new comes out of what we already know, and this combo is practically perfect for any image.

A flat background from which a realistic image seems to be generated – a simple but always effective match, as good and timeless as a gin and tonic.

Project: Rains. Backpack store. | Author: Anton Mikhaltsov Project: Zeelandia | Author: Luke Pachytel Project: PlayFair | Author: Slava Kornilov

Realistic&FlatMix Collage

Are you ready for design in 2019?

We’re embarking on what is sure to be a deeply interesting year for graphic design. There’s a push and pull happening between the forward-looking, tech-conscious designers exploring in newer areas like 3D and AR, and the traditionalists still putting pen to paper each day.

The best part? Exciting things happen when designers embrace conflict, allowing room for inspiration to strike from every direction at once. I celebrate and look forward to seeing what incredible work they create. Make 2019 the year you create your best work!

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