The best tools for recruiter productivity in 2022

January 3rd, 2022

Each month thousands of people google "productivity" from 10 ways to be more productive to googling up books on productivity to even watching videos that help with this. 

We are all under pressure to optimise time, whether for work or in one's personal life. Plenty of websites, videos, and apps help you increase productivity, even though this adds to the time being spent out of work.

When it comes to Recruitment and productivity, you don't need to go around finding books or videos; we have got you covered. 

Here are the best tools for recruiter productivity in 2022. 

Let's start by talking about what productivity truly means - 

The dictionary definition of productivity is the quality, state, or fact of generating, creating, enhancing, or bringing forth goods and services.

One of the best tools for recruiter productivity is - 

  1. Recruitment Analytics 

 Recruitment analytics is a mixture of data and predictive analysis that delivers real-time information to assist in making faster hiring decisions. Recruiting analytics may help you investigate every part of the organisation, convert data into meaningful insights, and make better hiring decisions quickly.

Recruitment Analytics increases productivity by identifying sources for the best candidates. 

This mainly helps with 

  • Tracking the number of qualified hires

  • Identifying the sources that work best 

  • Looking out for the strongest candidates for the job listing  

It also helps you gather performance data - With so much data to keep track of and less time than ever to analyse it, data-based recruiting helps make every hire count. 

Optimise your candidate hiring process by calculating and tracking key recruiting performance indicators. 

2. Recruitment Automation tools - CRM & ATS

By using automation software, recruiters can contact and assess potential candidates at scale. This frees up time for recruiters to focus on more high-touch activities, allowing them to add personalisation and ensuring potential hires are the right fit. In many cases, AI can help assess thousands of candidates based on their skills and qualifications without any of the subconscious biases a recruiter might unknowingly have. 

This helps with increasing productivity by 

  • Accelerating time to fill in vacant positions

  • The benefit of using ATS to manage interview processes

  • Automating processes of identifying and engaging with candidates

  • Complete automation of interview scheduling

3. Video Interviewing 

Video interviews are an increasingly popular tool in talent acquisition ( process employers use for recruiting, tracking and interviewing job candidates) 

Video Interviewing helps increase productivity by 

  • Saving time 

  • Removing geographical barriers

  • Improve the quality of data in the recruitment management system

  • Being able to schedule the interview and interview feedback 

With technology only growing each day, these are the top tools to watch for in the coming year. 

Wouldn't it be helpful to have all these tools put into one software? Well, you don't have to look further! Keep reading to know more about how Leo plays a massive hand in productivity! 

Most of you reading this already know what Leo is but just in a few sentences - 

Leo is the world's first recruitment technology that provides employers and staffing agencies with the power of agile recruiting. By combining all technologies required to innovate any recruitment function and business, we believe in incorporating agile methodologies in everything we do. In addition, by making these technologies simple to use, we can significantly reduce admin, increase productivity, and ultimately make hiring happen.

Let's get to the point - Leo and Productivity. 

Leo analytics will be essential to you as a user. Leo generates results of all the movement of the number of calls, numbers and more, and it all reflects in the analytics section of your dashboard. 

In addition, it gives complete control and creates a pipeline to know where the business is heading. 

Lastly, for this section, we have KPIs - Leo's KPIs are a new way to track your own or your company's progression and performance. While combining advanced analytics and key performance indicators, Leo has enabled each user to create weekly or monthly targets! A new way to stay on top of work while demonstrating to senior members discovering what areas you excel at and what areas of work need to look after. So, how are they calculated? 

The time filter allows you to narrow down the KPI to a timeframe. For example, Options like "Week" "Month" directly correlate to the periods you can check with the KPIs modal! 

Companies usually have to get separate ATS and CRM software, but it's built all in one with Leo!

When invited, clients will have their portal to access the candidates shortlisted. Once candidates are confirmed, clients will receive a candidate profile for their approval. This cuts down on the costs and time since one software manages everything. 

Our mission is to create a future where only a singular, all-encompassing utility is necessary for recruiters to succeed, which is why we have a CRM & ATS all in one!

With Leo, you get access to Alaska - with one click, Alaska automatically imports a candidate's LinkedIn information into your Applicant Tracking System. Our new Alaska feature is the google search - where you can find the perfect candidate anywhere on the web with just one click! And on top of this, you will have everything connected directly to Leo!

This mainly helps cut down on time while gaining the imports of the candidates. The more you utilise Alaska, the more time you gain to work on other tasks while also knowing you are not compromising on the quality of work.  

This isn't all. Leo also has a tool called - VideoIntervieIN - A video interviewing software built into Leo. So everything related to interviews happens from one place. Not only does this help with increased productivity, but it also helps with saving time.

Overall, every tool you require for increased productivity is in Leo - and it all being cost-effective is just a perk! 

Test all of this out for yourself - Request a demo today!