The (careers) portal to your heart ❤️


The (careers) portal to your heart ❤️

Weekly Updates Blog HeaderYour palms are sweaty and your heart is racing as butterflies fill your stomach. You don’t know whether to jump for joy or throw up. The sound of chatter, jazz and clinking glasses fills the room and then it happens: your date arrives.

This is the first time you’ve seen them, locking eyes as they sashay across the room towards you. You ask questions them and listen well, trying to remember that eye contact is key no matter how many nerves are buzzing around.

You wait to see if there’s a spark: could they be your match?

A first date can be a daunting thing and not that dissimilar to attending an interview. Many of the feelings experienced are the same.

That’s where we come in – our job is to remove the uncertainty between candidates and employers, by building technology that enhances the initial attraction and interactions.

With that in mind, this week has been a busy one for us. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Careers Portal & Customisation

This is the biggest change to the platform and it’s one we think you’ll love! Employers, you can now create your own web portal for your jobs. Brand it with your logo, header, description and colours – make it yours ❤️ And when candidates apply for your jobs, they’ll funnel straight to your ATS! Easy or what.

Careers portal

Invite Agencies

Are you already using agencies and want to invite them directly to the platform to supply you candidates for your jobs? Now you can! Keep all of your hiring in one place 📲

Add Agency

New Team Member UX/Visuals

We’ve improved the visual UI/UX of the team member section, so you’re able to see your monthly subscription throughout. Stay in the know and keep hiring without hidden cost.

Invite team

Rebuilt Activities

Stand back robots: we’ve rebuilt your activities section from the ground up. Get ready to benefit from the full renovation, including improved speed and performance.

Get 15-30 hire-ready candidates per month

Never mind the technology of your dreams – we’ll provide the candidates of your dreams too. Use our Social Source tool to fill your ATS with quality, pre-screened talent.

Get the full download on Social Source here.

We made Recruitd for you. Make sure you check out the changes and try out the new features!