The Social Sourcing Bible


"The Bible is an excellent part of the recruiter toolbox and gives proven methods for delivering via social media - even if you aren't a household name."

Jeremy Russon, Co-Founder, Udder

In a single social media minute, the world uploads 474,000 tweets, 400 hours of new Youtube video, 510,000 Facebook comments and 50,000 Instagram posts – and all this activity is building an ever-growing goldmine of data that we recruiters can use to find relevant candidates for our roles.

But how do you navigate the complex landscape of each platform to find those diamonds in the rough? How do you engage and convert them?

We’ve created The Social Sourcing Bible to give you a head start on answering these questions. Drawing on the social sourcing tactics our delivery teams use every day, around the world, it will show you how to target and generate candidates from social communities, and help you hire better candidates, faster and cheaper.