Top 5 Video Interviewing softwares in the Recruitment industry and more

December 15th, 2021

Let's start by answering the most important question - What is a Video Interview? 

A video interview is an organised practice in which an applicant is given questions to determine whether or not they should be employed to do a specific job using video calling software or specialised video interviewing software.

Video interviews are an increasingly popular tool in talent acquisition ( process employers use for recruiting, tracking and interviewing job candidates) because of their ability to

  1. Save time

  2. Be Cost-effective

  3. Remove geographic constraints 

  4. Improve the quality of data in the recruitment management system

The three main factors monitored during Video Interviews are -  

  1. Ability to do the job

  2. Will work on the job for a sustained period

  3. Will get along well with their co-workers

There are two types of video interviewing

These are mainly Synchronous interviews conducted live over the internet with both the interviewer and the candidate in attendance and are often used as an alternative to an in-person interview.

Then there are Asynchronous interviews. Instead of performing the interview with a recruiter on the line, an online system will show the candidate questions one at a time, and they'll record their answers solo. Once complete, the system notifies your hiring team so you can watch their responses and decide whether to move forward with that candidate.

Now that the basics of video interviewing is better explained, let's move on to the benefits it has. 

How is Video Interviewing beneficial to your business? 

  1. Most job searchers agree that standing out in a sea of resumes may be difficult. Video interviews allow applicants to stand out from the crowd. They have the opportunity to express themselves and be creative. They can also emphasise crucial skill sets and provide more depth than a CV allows. This will help you get a trustworthy fit candidate for the job. 

2.  Most recruiters and hiring managers are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their resume evaluation and interview procedures. The sooner they can fill openings, the sooner they can bring on crucial talent. However, sorting through many resumes and then performing a large number of phone interviews slows the process. 

Rather than arranging with a candidate's schedule, video interviews allow recruiters to watch video interviews on a more flexible timetable. They can also remove individuals who aren't a good fit early on rather than setting aside time for a 30-minute phone interview. 

3. Regardless of the open position, you will inevitably want a new worker to know the technology. Video interviewing software allows you to measure their level of familiarity with technology right away in a subtle way. Suppose the interview they record is without audio, or the image is unclear, skewed, or does not get captured. In that case, you may wonder if they have the skills required to perform additional technology-based activities. Not to mention the importance of their attention to detail and preparedness.

4. Lastly, using video interviews (live or pre-recorded) in the advanced stages of the recruitment process allows you to involve essential stakeholders in different branches, or everyone's schedules don't match for a live interview, but whose opinions and inputs are of great importance for recruiting new employees.

Top 5 Interviewing softwares in the Recruitment industry

How is Leo connected to Video Interviewing? Well, Leo has an in-built video interviewing feature. 

  1. Leo - Once the candidate is selected, they receive an email with a link to the interview questions where the recruiter also sets the number of retakes and time limit for each answer. Next, the recruiters set a submission for the video. Finally, the candidate is supposed to send a recorded video to the answers, and once that's submitted, the recruiters will be notified through an email. It's as simple as that!With Leo, there's no need to pay for additional video interviewing software; you get your recruitment software built-in with this feature! 

2. Video - A video screening platform lets you record and review virtual interviews with your candidates. The four main features they provide are Recording interview responses to screen candidates, Inviting any number of candidates you want, Stock questions, and Option of preselected hiring stages.

3. Interview Stream - Interviewstream has on-demand and live video interview capabilities. An Interview Builder helps you create a structured interview process, while the Interview Scheduler makes automated scheduling into your video interview platform.

4. SparkHire - A video interviewing platform that gives you the features of - way interviews, Live video interviews, Interview evaluation, interview messaging and scheduling all in one.

5. myInterview - myInterview aims to rethink the archaic recruitment process to make it more efficient, reduce hiring time, and help you choose suitable candidates. Features include Personalised video introductions, Hi-tech video technologies, Interview Feedback and the ability to link it to external recruitment softwares.

Overall, there's something every business needs. 

If your business requires a video interviewing platform that is built-in with your go-to recruitment software you’re in luck because Leo is right here for your business needs!