Your New Year’s Recruitment Resolutions


Your New Year’s Recruitment Resolutions

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Well, what a Christmas break that was. I’m sure you are all loving life after getting back into the routine of work.

Tackling that overflowing inbox and answering the same rhetorical question over and over… “so how was your break?” But sarcasm aside, I hope you had a restful time.

The fresh start feeling that comes with the new year is certainly liberating, and although many don’t stick to their resolutions, it’s still a great sentiment to set one up – even if it only ends up lasting two weeks.

However, recruitment methodologies, processes and behaviours (unlike resolutions) need to be long-lasting. Pipelines do not populate themselves and candidates are becoming more and more demanding.

So how can recruiters get ahead of the curve and stick to their resolutions this year? Here are my 2020 tips for nailing hiring this year.

Admin, Be Gone

Trello Board

There is nothing more demotivating than administration, particularly if you have a lot to complete. Unfortunately, admin is essential to hiring and regardless of the volume, it has to be done. The fact is, we can never remove it completely. But you can employ tools that can carry out the tasks for you...

That’s why we built our very own ATS/recruitment CRM: for employers and recruitment agencies to better deal with recruitment admin at scale, ensuring that no candidate experience is dropped and making all information accessible instantaneously.

Tasks like automatic interview scheduling, hiring manager chase-ups and drag and drop stage movements seem trivial, but when you remove the admin behind these and many other process-oriented actions, you are given a hell of a lot of time back.

All about the Brand

Social Sourcing Bible

Love it or hate it, recruiters will have to be far more active online this year in order to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of competitors in the market. The benefit of using social channels is the exposure that they give you. Access to – literally – billions of candidates, many of whom are not actively seeking new opportunities, but are leaving a detailed digital footprint behind.

Today, more than ever, people are actually interested in their work and many engage in online communities that are centred around their profession. Building your brand and engaging them in communities of their interest is a much better for conversion than harassing uninterested candidates via email and LinkedIn DMs.

We’ve built a 100 page guide on how you can social source in 2020 within online communities and you can download it for free here.

Experience Amazing

Candidate dashboard

Candidate experience is more than just being nice or available to candidates. It’s how a candidate experiences every touch-point with your employer brand and your ability to delight them and make them feel valued.

The challenge that most recruiters find is the sheer volume of candidates within the hiring journey: details are often being missed, mixed up or dropped, and experiences are mainly below par and inconsistent. But a candidate in 2020 wants a single point of contact, a super clear process and an experience that is tailored to them.

We built candidate dashboards into Leo to tackle the above. These dashboards help candidates to keep up to date with where they sit in your process, provide them with the ability to instantly chat with their point of contact and enable employers to distribute content directly to talent in order to further engage them with employer branding.

So there you have it.

2020 will be a phenomenal year for recruiters who take the above as gospel. Hiring is the single most important activity for organisations and partnering with or employing the best recruiters will be imperative to achieving this in the new decade.

Did I miss anything? Get in touch with me here.