You’ve Got (G)mail!


You’ve Got (G)mail!

Imagine if Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox’s emails were lost in You’ve Got Mail – there’d be no love story there for desperately hopeless romantics at all 💔

The film would have to be called You’ve Got No Mail. Or even You’ve Got Mail… I Know It’s Around Here Somewhere.

The truth is, for us recruiters, that’s an everyday reality.

There’s no love story to tell the grandkids (or your hiring manager) when you’re struggling to keep consistent contact with your candidates – and the threads. Oh the threads 😩

But as our Kath says in that film we all hate to love, “people are always telling you change is a good thing.”

So here are the changes Leo’s just made to the candidate email process! (And get your tissues ready because it’s tear-jerkingly beautiful.)

Integrated Gmail Within Leo 📩

Haphazardly switching between apps or pages to communicate with your candidates? Reading through reams of threads to find the one piece of info you needed? No more! With our new Gmail integration, your emails with candidates can be sent directly to and from the platform – and will also appear in your Gmail inbox for good measure. Hurrah! 👏

Send email

Recruiter/Hiring Manager Transparency 🔎

It’s easy to get confused when trying to keep track of what’s going on with all of your different candidates, not to mention staying in the know as to what the rest of your team has been up to. But with Leo’s new integration comes the ability to view all of the outgoing and incoming emails of your entire team and the candidates they’ve liaised with.

Email Integration

Want to fall in love with candidate communication like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? Then...



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